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Donald Trump - Being Born Under a Lunar Eclipse.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Donald Trump - Being born under a Lunar Eclipse.

Ok so there has been a bit of a spat between myself and Astrologer Peter Novak over Donald Trump on my Facebook page - Solaris Astrology. Now I was questioned in a reply on my page about Trump (or anyone for that matter) being born under a Lunar eclipse and I thought, Ok, good subject for a discussion.

A lunar eclipse is the same as a full Moon (Sun opposition Moon) only that the earth intervenes and gets in the way of the light of the Sun for a short period as it crosses in between the two, thus blanking out the visibility of the Moon in the Earth's shadow.

Donald Trump - Being born under a Lunar Eclipse.

Now what in my view are the effects of being born under one of these? Well it very much depends on the first point if this is a North Node Lunar eclipse or a South Node one. There is a significant difference between the two. Both connections I think will indicate increased intuition on the issues of the Nodes in the natal chart, affected by the sign that they are in and the house placement too, after all at every eclipse they are in close attendance. The North Node is linked to your future goals and the lessons that you have to learn in this life to fulfil your soul's mission, so I think you will instinctively and emotionally know what to do to achieve these and how to effectively work on them.

The South Node indicates the place where we entered this life, the talents we know we have and it's the place in the chart that in times of trouble we fall back on. It's our default position and we feel very happy there but it doesn't do us any favours for our future direction. I feel as if this is a position where those people will get stuck into ingrained habits, and that will not help them in moving forward. Anyone with a South or North Node eclipse tunes into these emotions and will feel very them very acutely, but there will always be a divide between their emotional responses and the way that they integrate them into their lives.

Donald Trump - Being born under a Lunar Eclipse.

Now in Donald Trumps case, he was born under a South Node Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in his 4th house and this is a place where he is very intuitive, but it is also a place where he is likely to get into trouble at the same time as his emotions are stuck into the lessons from the past, rather than being able to appreciate those of the future. The Sagittarian element is incredibly forthright and blunt, go getting and expansionist but in the wrong way for goals that he needs to achieve for his soul to complete it's journey. This comes out in issues of race and ethnicity (Sagittarius) his real estate and property business, (4th house), his attitude to his family, women and possibly his mother (Moon), to his country, his nation and to the past, again all lunar and 4th house themes.

His instincts are very tuned in to all of these things but I believe his attitudes to them are stuck in the dark ages and the Sagittarian side of things makes him yes very expansionist and a risk taker too, but also very blunt and unapologetic with it. The 4th house Eclipsed Moon and South Node conjunction on his chart being opposed to Uranus indicates him to have a very reactionary and very unpredictable temperament. He is very clever and talented, but also too emotionally fixed in his own ways for his own good, even with his Sun and Uranus in Gemini. Once these individuals make up their minds on something, they tend to stick with it no matter what the circumstances. Individuals with Uranus or Aquarius affecting their chart can be so stubborn in some parts of their lives, attitudes get ingrained and their dedication to what they think is right is in their mind seems never in doubt. Unfortunately with Trump and his attitude to women, his nation and international affairs, the world moves on as he stands still, and these I feel are big flaws in his character.

I do think that Donald does appeal to a section of the US population who hark for America's past, for the time when the US was the policeman of the world, when it was a great manufacturing and financial powerhouse, but those days are ending as Pluto opposes the US natal Sun. The US's place in the wold is changing as China, India and other former 3rd world nations rise in influence and the demographic of the population is changing too. It's no longer dominated by the white male middle and working class, the section of the nation that fervently supports Trump and his vision for America returning to it's former glory. The Hispanic and African American communities are rising in size and in influence and are having a much bigger say on the voting patterns of the country as their own values become increasingly more important. I don't think he appreciates them and his views seem very insular and out of touch with wider society.

You know, it's not his fault that he intuitively tunes into matters of the past, however I don't believe he can't see the wood from the trees for America's future direction. Remember at an eclipse, the light of that Moon is extinguished and in the same way anyone born under a lunar eclipse will have trouble in seeing and viewing issues and failings connected to the part of the chart that the Moon sits in...

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