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Don’t Give Up Hope Just Yet – IVF and IVM

By Momatlast @momatlast

By Bruce I. Rose

Struggling with infertility can be a very upsetting experience for those who want to be parents. While it may seem hopeless if you are not able to conceive naturally after months or even years of trying, the reality is that modern medicine has provided many different options for people that make solving infertility problems easier than ever before. In fact, there are two options available to couples that may be the answer: IVF and IVM.

IVF treatments

Understanding IVF and IVM

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. It is a process that involves giving hormone shots to a woman in order to cause many eggs to mature all at once. The mature eggs are harvested in a simple procedure and are then fertilized with the sperm of the perspective father. Fertilized eggs are then implanted back into the woman and, hopefully, a pregnancy develops and is carried to term. Typically, not all fertilized eggs are implanted into a woman all at once, so couples have the opportunity to have their embryos frozen and will be able to either make multiple attempts at IVF, if necessary, or may be able to use the other fertilized embryos to conceive a sibling after a natural pregnancy.

IVM is a similar procedure to IVF, with one important difference. With IVM, a woman’s eggs are collected before they are mature. Essentially, this means that a woman can skip the entire painful (and costly) hormone treatment cycle. The eggs are harvested and are then matured in the laboratory before they are fertilized and implanted. IVM has become a preferred choice for many because the process involves fewer doctor visits, is less costly, and reduces the risk of problems that can develop with IVF such as ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (a relatively rare IVF complication).

In many cases, IVM can be a very successful alternative to IVF and you should strongly consider finding a doctor who offers both IVF and IVM and who can explain both options to you to help you to determine what the right course of action is for you.

Choosing IVF and IVM To Fight Infertility

Many couples choose either IVF or IVM in an effort to resolve infertility problems and to conceive a natural child. Both procedures are relatively non-invasive and have proven successful for countless families throughout the world. With new IVM technology, the process becomes even simpler and less risky for women as well as more affordable for families. As such, it is worth at least discussing these options with an infertility expert before giving up hope of having the family you’ve been dreaming of.

Today, it is possible to find a caring infertility doctor who understands the emotional and financial burden that infertility can place on families. With risk-sharing programs and with new alternatives such as IVM available for many families, solutions to infertility problems can be reachable even if you have concerns about the cost.

Take the time today to reach out to an infertility expert who specializes in both IVF and IVM. Learn about your options, the risks and benefits of each type of treatment, and the services offered so you can rest assured you’ve explored all of your options in dealing with your fertility issues.

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