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Don’t Buy Another Diet Book Before You Read This!

By Expatdoctormom1 @ExpatDoctorMom

Don’t Buy Another Diet Book Before You Read This!

There’s yet another diet book on the shelf that everyone is talking about.  That means there’s another diet out there that everyone is considering going “on”.  And another way of eating that will inevitably fail for most of us.  Why is that? BECAUSE diets do not work.   There are so many reasons why diets fail.   There are even books written about it.

We’ve heard that, over and over again, but people are still buying these books and go ON diet after diet after diet, and then they go OFF diet after diet after diet.  At the end of the day they still don’t manage to get to their goal weight and are just on the lookout for another diet that may work for them.   And let’s not forget that often these are the people that are also looking for that magic pill.  But that’s a whole other discussion.

Remember, just because something is written in a book, doesn’t make it true.  And, for every PhD who has written a diet book, there is an equal and opposite PhD who probably has another diet book.   To be fair, all of these books are usually based on some sort of science, or at least we are hoping so.

Sustainable For You?

What is this new diet?  Is it another calorie deprivation plan?  Or giving up on one food group or another?  Food combining?  Detoxing? Drinking our meals?  The list goes on and on?  Whatever it is, we know, or we think we know, that it’s sustainable for the author, but, the big question, is it sustainable for you??!?

You must realize that the authors of these books don’t know anything about you.  They don’t know your age, your sex, you medical issues, your activity level, or what foods you like and dislike, and most of all how different foods affect you.


Have you ever heard of the term biochemical individuality or  bioindividuality?  That means that we are all different.  Doesn’t that make sense?  We respond to foods differently.  What works for you, may not work for me.  I’m sure you’ve had a conversation with a friend who has said something like this to you “I can’t eat peppers, they just don’t agree with me”.  And you love peppers and they make you feel great.  Does that sound familiar?

So, why would one way of eating work for everyone?  I like to say “way of eating” because as you know, I do not use the word diet.  At least in the sense of something people go on, and off of.

Nourishment for the Body

It may be true that one of these diets may work for you. However, one person’s food, may be another person’s poison.  Always be mindful of what will work for you in the long term.  How do you feel?  Are you starving? Are you bloated?  The most important question to ask yourself…”Is this a healthy way of eating?”  Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

First and foremost, food is nourishment for your body.  It does for your body, what gasoline does for your car.  If you were to put something in your gas tank that was less than the best quality gasoline, your car wouldn’t run so well.  The same is true for your body.  Only proper nutrition will help your body run at peak performance.   Isn’t that what we are all after?  To look and feel good?  To live a long healthy life?

So now we’re back to the question “what is going to work for me?”  Well, that’s something that you have to figure out.  But a good starting point is to avoid processed, chemicalized, fake, created in a lab,foods.  Eat wholesome, from the earth, grown or raised, foods.


What has been your experience with diets?

Don’t Buy Another Diet Book Before You Read This!

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