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Dominique Wilkins Assaulted Over Suits

By Mixtapekid45
Dominique Wilkins Assaulted Over Suits
Rarely I hear much about Dominique Wilkins much any more. He was one of the greatest Atlanta Hawks players of all time but, what happened last night was interesting. After Dominique was finished calling the game from the press row. He was attacked by NBA former ref  Rashan S. Michel, 36.
Rashan approached Wilkins about money he owned him for some suits 13,000 dollars to be exact. It is a little confusing though who punched first but a "security guard grabbed Rashan and than Wilkins allegedly got three punches in" says nba.coms Sekou Smith .
 The police said  "Michel hit Wilkins in the chest and also struck a security guard". So its a bit confusing who started it either way Dominique look like he beat the up Rashan pretty bad. 
 It would be hard for me to not think that Domique did it because apprarenlty Rashan got in no punches the whole situation is a bit out of control. As i write this post myself i am still a bit confused with what exactly happened.
What i don't understand is why Rashan did not take legal action. That is a good amount of money he should have taken Dominique to Court now he may have dug himself a deeper hole. We will have to see as more information comes out on this.
The video is Below. what do you think guys? Do you think Dominique attacked first?

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