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Doll Art.

By Uglyshyla @uglyshyla

As a doll artist I know we all do allot of work.But the book I’m reading suggest it takes knowledge of at least 15 different arts to make a doll.Which I knew we all wear many hats but it’s kind of overwhelming when you read it.And keep in mind I’m totally self taught.No wonder I’m insane!
From “Learning To Be A Doll Artist”
“The problem with doll making is that we are attempting a multimedia figurative sculpture”
You need to know how
3.Mold Making
4. Mastering the medium you are working in wood carving,polymer clay,earth clay or wax.
5.Stringing or final positioning,anchoring ect.Which physics and balance come into play.
7. Hair styling,wig making
8.Designing clothing and patterns.
10.Shoe making
12 Knitting,crocheting
13. Jewelry making.Which includes things like buckles and buttons.
14. Woodworking(base,scenery ect.)
15.Researching history,the subject you are working on,finding models

Ugly Shyla

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