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As Some of You Know My Birthday is Coming up Dec 5th

By Uglyshyla @uglyshyla

As some of you know my birthday is coming up Dec 5th
and as usual instead of getting me gifts I’d like for some of y’all to donate to charity with the money you’d use to buy me things. You can donate to your own fave one.Or I tend to have charities for people that are victims of natural disasters,child charities,animal charities and naturally squirrel charities near and dear to my heart.

As some of you know my birthday is coming up Dec 5th

My friend Steph is working on starting a bat rehab out of her pocket so I appreciate donations to her which you can paypal her at [email protected]

And other’s I support
A friend of mine who rescues squirrels that is fighting to make her neighbors stop killing and torturing her rehabbed squirrels. And you can donate to her through paypal through here
[email protected]

Lovely Lita’s squirrel rescue who helped me with so much advice on how to take care of Winkelhimer their donation link look for the donation button.

And fellow Austin squirrel lady and a friend of mine Julie They make gowns for still born children so they have something nice to be put to rest in.

And you can also go and buy a little one in your life a book by my friend Anita and the proceeds help her to feed her outside squirrels.She had a handicap squirrel like my Winkelhimer for years.Link to her book

For those who are close friends of mine and want to know what I want if they insist on buying me something
walmart gift cards
hobby lobby Michael’s gift cards as well as
amazon gift cards
Or etsy are appreciated Hell you should get all your friends etsy gift cards,because it supports artist like me!
[email protected]
Ugly Shyla
po box 201073
austin,tx 78720-1073

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