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Doing What You Love

Posted on the 29 October 2012 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

There is nothing more exciting than doing what you love. Sometimes I see people working with long faces, and bad attitudes toward people and I ask myself “Why these people are working here if they don’t love what they are doing?” I know sometimes life turns the way we don’t want and people might think it is unfair. We see example of people who go to school, gets their bachelor degree in a major that probably will have nothing to do with the type of job they will be performing. Then you see people working in a place that you always dream to work and see them miserable, and you ask yourself “how could he be so miserable? I would do anything to be in his position.” I have dreams and goals of becoming a great leader in the music business as well as one the best executive producer music has known. There is nothing in this physical world that can stop me from obtaining what I want to accomplish. The reason for this is because I want to do what I love, which is music and everything that comes with it. For me there is nothing more exciting than being in a studio working directly with an artist. The emotion grows more when you listen to the song in the radio and watch the music video knowing that you form important part of the work.  Although, I still work in a regular job, my dreams do not vanish on the contrary it gives me more power to keep chasing my dreams and goals. I could never see myself working on the same place for 30 years receiving insults and bad times on account of other people. I know I have a talent to be my own boss and be a leader for others working on something I love. I think the most important thing to persevere in chasing a dream is having patience and goodwill. I was watching the speech of Mr. GaryVaynerchuk at, and he says that we have to do what we love withoutexcuses. Although his speech is a little bite out of range in the way professors and instructor have teach me to talk to an audience, but you can appreciate his passion on  what he does and love. I can really identify myself with what he was saying. How somebody can work in something he does not like or love? 

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