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Doing Our Part.. Are We?

By Misslara16 @misslara

Long post alert... but trust me, its worth your while.
In the bible days, christians could speak about governmental issues because they were good examples, they were different, they were trustworthy and their words were believable and usually accompained with Gods power. They were people of integrity who lived by their convinction and were ready to die for what they believed in. Fairness, justice, love and good governance were key to them.
In recent times, in our communities, christians cannot speak or maybe they chose not to, they have become psycophants, praise singers and pretend activists seeking only their own and supporting the vile. They are no different from the people in power who loot and kill.  They have become people who are dishonest and powerless and are incapable of change.
We all want to crucify government and they people who run it but we do not want to check ourselves and join in the change or even be the change. Quick question, how many Nigerians make a honest living not looting or cheating, how many live a corruption free life in our personal dealings? Yea that’s what I expected, quiet! Yet we want to complain and place a face to the corrupt practices in out communities while ignoring the ‘little’ you contribute.
As christians we ought to be different, being good examples of honesty, integrity and love but what have we done, we have sold our salvation and light for money and our souls for wealth. We have sold our God given power to the world and now we sing the lords song in a strange land while dancing Azonto to it.
I am in no way saying our leaders are doing well, I know they have been terrible at their jobs and are a bunch of ignoramuses who because of a dysfunctional society find themselves on the corridors of power. They are going to be judged, I am very sure. They have used  the opportunities handed to them carelessly and I know they will not go away unpunished. Punished by God, by the people.
On the other hand its easy to talk bad about government, about political leaders but this decadence does not end in politics, its even worse in churches and other religious institutions, people mix the truth with lies and bend the scriptures to fit their myopic and most of the time selfish views. Its time for christians to regain the power and strenght we once possessed.
In my opinion, I feel that the church should be the fourth institution of government for purposes of checks and balances, moderating the doings of government /our leaders taking a cue from our biblical heroes Elijah, Elisha… men who stood for God and influenced the leadership at their time.
We have to be nation builders like Nehemiah, displaying wisdom like Solomon, discretion like Rehab while we seek to please God like David. Not being gluttonous like Cain, greedy and seeking insant gratification like Gehazi so we do not get destroyed in our disobedience like Saul.
Let our light so shine, reflecting the Lord in everything we do. Blessings.

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