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Dog Shelter

By Rubytuesday
I'm just back from my appointment at the dog shelter When I spoke to them on the phone the other dayThey asked me to call in today To meet meAnd to fill in some paperwork My Mum offered to driveSo I took her up on the offerAnd we set off at about 10amThe shelter is about half an hour awayI haven't been there in ten yearsWhen I picked up HoneyAnd brought her homeSo I was really excited to go back
We arrived at the shelter just after 10 30amMum parked And I made my way to the officeThe whole way down in the car I was thinking how I should take photos to show you allBut of course Once I was there I forgot to take any at all
I went through the gate marked 'Office'And found myself face to face with a rather large AlsationBeyond him I saw two little dogsAnd beyond that two peopleOne of whom beckoned me inThe dogs gave me a great welcomeAnd as I sat downThe Alsation kept bringing me over a stickWhich I tried to throw for himBut was a bit difficult as we were in quite a small room
One of the ladies introduced herself as the owner of the shelterAnd asked me how they could help meI said I had been speaking to someone about volunteering At that point She produced an application form And asked me to fill it inThe form was the usualName AddressEtc At the end there was a question asking what type of work I wantedIt named things like dog walkingCleaningLaundryI ticked them allExcept for garden maintenanceAs I am no gardener I handed the form backAnd the lady looked over itAll seemed fine The owner then asked one of the ladies working there to show me around
This was the fun partGetting to meet all the dogsThe first dog I was shown was nothing short of freakin' adorableThe lady told me that he had been found abandoned in a shedMy mind bogglesAs I don't know how anyone could do that to a living dog/cat/anythingI swear I wanted to bring that dog straight home with meBut I knew this would happenI knew I would want to save them allBut I also know that my Mum would have a fit if I started bringing dogs homeSo I will resist For now
The lady brought me around all the kennelsIntroduced all the dogs to meSome were giddySome were shaking with fearWhich broke my heartSome had tried to climb out Some tried to eat meBut that's okI understand that some of them are not happy well adjusted dogsBut most of them just wanted attentionAnd I hope that I can do that
After the tour I went back to the office to thank themThe owner told me that I can ring them the day before I want to go downWhich is great As then it can be a different day each week if need beAll in all I am so looking forward to starting And all being wellI will start next week
RightMust dash As have an appointment with Mary See you on the next post ...

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