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Does Bill Ayers Represent the Democratic Party?

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by Calvinthedog

Stealth writes:

I’m not paranoid. I’m just telling it like it is. You seem to believe that there’s a clear distinction between the Democrats and the far left whereas I believe there’s a great deal of overlap. For instance, you claimed that the far left is a strong force primarily at universities. Well, universities are a big ass deal. That means that radical leftists wear the pants in many, if not most, of our colleges.

Why, for instance, was Bill Ayers, a former terrorist, hired as a professor at the University of Illinois? If the Democrats don’t condone far left bullshit, then someone needs to explain that one to me. I doubt Republicans were responsible for him getting that job. It’s not like a taxpayer funded university is some sort of club that meets in its members’ living rooms.

It’s a university. He also apparently collaborated with the Democratic mayor of Chicago on education reform issues. Ayers is pretty much unrepentant, so we can’t say they gave him a second chance because he reformed. (I do not believe, however, that he penned Obama’s autobiography because I don’t buy conservative bullshit)

I’m not saying the entire Democratic party is far to the left, but they feed the wacky left.

Well you see, I supported those guys when they were running around setting off bombs and whatnot. There were over 50,000 bombings in the US during that period , almost all carried out by the Far Left. Hardly anyone ever got hurt, except they accidentally killed one guy at the University of Wisconsin. They also blew themselves up in that apartment building in New York. And a lot, I mean a lot, a lot, a lot of people helped them, all over the whole country. That is how they were able to stay underground so long.

In fact, in the late 1980′s, I was even on the mailing list for the Weathermen’s aboveground organization. I got their magazine called Breakthrough. The aboveground front was called the John Brown Book Club, and they were out of the California Bay Area. I suppose by that time they were no longer setting off bombs, but the Weatherman as an organization were still active around 1990.

Sure he’s unrepentant. I do not blame him. They were trying to stop the Vietnam War, and I think they were doing the right thing personally.

So you see, I come out of 1960′s radicalism, and I still believe in a lot of that stuff.

However, Ayers has totally mellowed out and so has his wife, and he doesn’t even advocate anything radical anymore. They are both education professors and all they talk about is education stuff. The universities are full of leftwingers, especially hard leftwingers. That’s who got him his job. His fellow leftwingers in the university system.

After that, he mellowed out and turned into just another professor guy without any particularly extreme views, he got involved in city politics in the realm of education. He wasn’t preaching anything radical. All he dealt with was education. Barack and really everyone in Chicago politics worked with this guy on education stuff. So did Rahm Emanuel and he despises the Left. Obama hates the Left too, but he worked with Ayers. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

You do find some Left types in the Democratic Party, but they are focused on economics. This woman I dated in Hayden and Fonda’s Campaign for Economic Democracy lived in Corona del Mar with her 17 year old son. She was basically a grownup hippie. She lived in a fancy house in this very rich neighborhood and once we were in the car, and I said, “Wow those people who live around you sure are rich, aren’t they?” She said, “Yep they sure are, and I want to take it all away from them!” And then she cackled like a maniac. I said, “Me too!”

The truth is that both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel hate the Left. They hate the leftwing of their own party. They hate their own base. You could say that the Republican Party fears its base, but the Democrats actually hate their base. We have quotes from many conversations that Obama and Emanuel had in the White House.

Once Emanuel called the Democratic Party base “those fucking hippies.” The Obama types are corporate centrists who wear suits and ties. They are just like any other corporate type. Not all corporate types are conservatives. They all share a certain mindset, but some are rather more liberal than others, but not by much. The DNC types are just regular suit and tie corporate types who are somewhat to the left of your typical boardroom guy.

The see the Democratic Party base as a curse, and if they suck up to the base, they lose elections. The base are the people who want the Democrats to lose elections. And they blame us every time they lose an election. The DNC types like Obama are trying to get as many independents and centrists and maybe even conservatives to vote for them as possible. So they chase the Republican Party to the Right to try to get the votes of these swing voters.

According to the DNC types, if you act like a Republican half the time and a Democrat the other half the time, that’s how you get the “centrists” to vote for you. All these guys care about is winning elections. They don’t really have too many values other than that. They will practically say and do whatever they have to to get elected. The White House is full of Ivy League types in suits and ties who sit around all day long crunching numbers and working on data sets. They have broken down every demographic and group in the country down to the last man and they are constantly reading and conducting polls.

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