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Do You Have Any Tweezers?

By Brisdon @shutuprun

People tell me all the time they can’t get motivated to run, especially first thing in the morning. I can totally relate. I mean who wants to see this?


And, for God’s sake, who wants to run in the sunshine and cool morning air?


Yeah, that was sarcasm. I know everyone is different, and while I have a hard time getting motivated to floss my teeth, write my reports, cut my nails, answer the phone, figure out what’s for dinner and a million other things, I almost never don’t feel like running (well, ask me again when it’s 10 degrees and dark outside).

I don’t know the key to being motivated. I don’t think it’s something you just “become.” You either are or you’re not, and it’s hard to talk yourself into it if you’re not. But, just because you aren’t motivated, doesn’t mean that has to be an excuse. The more you stop thinking about it and just go do it, the more successful you feel. The more successful you feel, the more you see results. The more you see results, the more motivated you will become. Or, that’s my experience anyway.

Bottom line: Stop expecting to feel motivated. That will come. Sometimes in life the action has to precede the feeling.

Today’s run was an easy 10 miler through the back roads of Boulder County. Ken and I only passed two people who stared at us and would not say “Good morning” back. I still don’t get that. Why not just smile, wave or say something? Fortunately, we did not run into any overweight men in short jean overalls who were peeing. We did hear some mules mating, though. Hee-haaahh! They need to get a room.



I turned on the auto alert on my Garmin to tell me when I went above 154 bpm with my heart rate. This pretty much meant that the entire run was one big alarm going off again and again. It wasn’t annoying at all for Ken. Not one bit. Next week I’m going to run with a bunch of coins in my pockets.

After the run I got some splinters in my ass.


Then I went and got  my reward. I’m pretty sure this donut is the perfect 3:1 carb to protein ratio. The dough is high carb and the custard is high protein. The sprinkles have electrolytes in them. I’m not sure what the coffee is. Liquid meth.


What’s your post run reward? For long runs, mine’s always coffee and either a breakfast sandwich or a donut.

What do you do when you’re not feeling motivated to run? Duh. I go anyway. I’m always glad I did.


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