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Do Something Really CRAZY today..Love YOURSELF!

By Fitvsfiction @fit_vs_fiction

Today is a day when we’re supposed to take a little extra time and make a little extra effort to show our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them and I think that most of us find little ways to do that. For a lot of moms, it’s a day to put an extra little bit of mushiness in the regular things we do for our kids. Maybe its heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, Valentine messages in lunchboxes or chocolate goodies in their backpacks. Whatever we do, we make sure our kids feel special and loved. Same thing goes for our partners. It could be with a simple greeting card or extra long goodbye in the morning, but we find ways to let our significant others know that they’re wanted and needed.

Now that everybody’s taken care of, take a second and ask yourself one important question:


Yup, that’s right, YOU! Are you taking the time and making the effort to show yourself the same kind of love and appreciation you find it so easy to share with your friends and family? For most of us, the answer is no and that is something we need to change!



  1. EAT the damn chocolate without worrying about your hips, thighs or butt! It’s Valentine’s day, so any foods that are heart shaped, chocolate dipped or caramel filled are void of calories anyway, right?


  1. Wear the damn lingerie without worrying about your hips, thighs or butt! Your partner knows what you look like and believe it or not, loves you exactly as you are, now you need to start doing the same thing!


  1. Take a little time to do something nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extremely time consuming; just something that makes you happy. Meet a friend for lunch, buy yourself some flowers or turn up the music on YOUR favourite radio station and sing or dance your heart out. Just do SOMETHING.




If we ever want our kids to grow up loving themselves we need to show them how it’s done. For so many of us, saying, “I love you” is easy, but saying, “I love me” is so much harder. Our kids need to see us taking care of ourselves and our own needs sometimes. They need to understand that respecting and loving ourselves doesn’t make us vain, it makes us healthy and happy. If we want our kids to grow up with the confidence they need to be pursue their dreams and be whoever they want to be, we have to show them what that looks like.


We need to stop worrying about who we’re not and start celebrating who we are!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Now go do something FUN!)



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