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Do Most People in Poor Areas Work?

Posted on the 29 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

Seems like people even so called “morons” are concerned about surviving, getting food etc.. in a poor area. However, they don’t want to work for the long term. They want to scavenge some food, much as a raccoon goes into a trash can, They don’t want education etc.. or a job which might give them a means to always get food, and food that doesn’t come from charity or borrowing 20 dollars here or there. Even in a socialist society, people need to be taught “how to fish” rather than be given a fish.

In live in a city with a 30% poverty rate. Most people around here who live in poverty or near poverty appear to be working. Either the man works and the woman stays home with the kids or maybe the woman works too. A lot of grandmas helping taking care of grand-kids, but the grandmas are usually working. The single Moms around here are generally employed too. It seems like most of the adults around here either work a lot or they stay home and take care of kids. I don’t know many layabouts around here. Most low income people appear to be working. They just don’t make a lot of money, that’s all. I think it’s a big myth that the vast majority of the poor just sit on their ass all day and collect free welfare money.

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