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Do Blacks Commit Lots of Crime Because They Are Poor?

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Calvinthedog

Johan Mayer writes:

As to violence, could you point me to studies that state that after accounting for neighborhood and SES, that the white/black violent crime rate continues?

Sorry, to be clear, the difference between black and white crime rate?

Well West Virginia is the poorest state in the US and it has the second lowest crime rate in the country. It’s almost 100% White. Poor Whites don’t necessarily commit lots of violating crimes. Very low property and violent crime rate in West Virginia. Most crimes are drug offenses, drunk driving, etc.

Trinidad and Tobago has an average PCI of $20,000/year, yet they have an extremely high violent crime and homicide rate. $20,000/year is a middle-income country.

Bottom line is Black people don’t commit tons of crime because they are poor. They commit tons of crime mostly because they are Black.

On the other hand, I believe that a higher SES Black neighborhood would have lower crime than a low SES Black neighborhood. The worst behavior of all is not such Blacks and Hispanics per se, but poor Blacks and poor Hispanics. It’s like a double whammy.

The Black crime rate is anywhere from 6-9 times higher than the White crime rate. The homicide rate is 8-9 times higher and the rape rate is 6 times higher. There are some crimes such as fraud where the ratio is not as high, but even with fraud, the Black rate is 2X the White rate.

Blacks are also 2X likely to be serial killers and child molesters as Whites.

There is not a single crime that Whites commit at a higher rate than Blacks, not a one.

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