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DIY Tangle-Free Friendship Wrapped Earbuds

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

Before I start this post, I have got to tell you all about yesterday’s events. It’s just too good.

Lauryn and I had some work to do on our upcoming project, and since she is always on the move, my only option to pin her down for a good chunk of time was to go with her to traffic court. Fun! After 3 longgg hours, we were finally the eff out of that smelly place.

We were on our way to drop me off, I hear Lauryn say the words everyone dreads, “OMG! We are literally running out of gas. RIGHT NOW”. We were on the freeway. She immediately pulled over but then started tripping on the speeding cars. We both got out on my side. Standing there like effing village idiots. What the hell do we do? She wanted to call 911, I wanted to call my Mom. That is until I turned around and saw a gas station. There was hope for us yet.

Me in chunky heeled booties and her in little dinky flats and silk pants made the treck through the ice plant on the side of the offramp to get some gasoline. It was a site.

Not to mention, Lauryn had to turn around halfway to rescue her Celine bag from the trunk. You know… just in case the car exploded or got broken into??? Once we got to the gas station, the saga only got worse. We couldn’t figure out how to open the gas can. Or how to put the spout on. Or how to get the gas to come out of the pump. Or how to fill up the can.

Long story short, we figured it out, but it really is something that would only happen to us. Still LOLing.

DIY Free People Wrapped Headphones

K. Now for this post. I will make it short & sweet since I already wrote an essay.

A while back I saw Free Peoples wrapped earbuds and I thought they were so so cute!! Too bad they were around $40 dollars. Ummm, no thanks. That’s why I love DIY projects. Lots of times companies have something super awesome, and super easy to recreate, and then charge way too much for it. Why wouldn’t you just save the cash and do it yourself. Unless your super lazy…

I decided to pull out my old skills from the days at camp, with only a few google searches on how to make friendship bracelets, and went on to wrap my earbuds. I honestly think they turned out cuter than the FP ones because I got to choose my own colors, plus they cost me about $3. But the best part of all… they NEVER get tangled anymore.

DIY Friendship Wrapped Earbuds

DIY Friendship Wrapped Earbuds



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