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DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case ( The finished product: Studded iPhone Case )
In a previous post I mentioned how much I was lushing over studs & spikes as of late.
It all started when I got an eye of my girlfriends studded iPhone case & I knew I had to
make one for myself! Sure, I could buy it, but what's the fun in that? It was easy to make
(took less than an hour) and fit much better into my budget than the $99 Jagger Edge Studded 
iPhone case being sold on Singer 22. If you find this tutorial helpful, and decide to make
your very own studded cell phone case, I would love for you to post a picture on
my Fashionlushxx Facebook page. DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case
DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case What you will need: Silicone iPhone case (any color you want), screw driver,  light colored pen, tree spikes or pyramid studs, either will work. I ordered my 1/2 inch tree  spikes from Studs & Spikes online.

DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case First step: Layout your tree studs to get an idea where you want to place them.
DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case Second step: With your light colored pen, make dots as to where you intend to place your spikes. 
DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case Finally: Poke a hole at each dot using the tip of a wine opener, & place the second  half of the stud (the screw part) from the back through each hole. Then twist on the  top of the tree spikes (use the screwdriver if needed).

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posted on 09 November at 05:45

that is so honorable that you would give credit to the original designer, whilst teaching "how to make a knock-off".

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