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DIY Seasonal Hat Decoration

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
DIY Seasonal Hat DecorationIt's no secret that one of my favorite craft ingredients is anything from Mother Nature, and that my second favorite craft ingredient is 'spontaneity'.  On our walk home this morning from dropping Mimi off at preschool, Little Lotti and I took our time and had a good look at all the things we could find on the footpath.  It's Autumn in Australia so there were plenty of leaves, in various colours, the usual weedy-flowers (which are nothing but beautiful to a toddler), seed pods and so on.  It was a long walk, and we came home laden with plenty of 'treasures'.
Inspired by the colours of the leaves and the same Autumnal shades of Lotti's hat, we decided to make a decoration for her head-ware.
We held the leaves and flowers together with a tiny bulldog clip, then we pinned this to the hat with a safety pin, and hid both bits of metal with a floral hair-clip.
She wore the hat proudly all morning, and only ditched it when it was time to come in for milk and a snack.  In her typical quirky-way, she decided that rather than hang up her hat, she would deconstruct it, and return the natural parts back to nature, and the other items back to Mum's desk... thank goodness I was quick to take a few photos... it reminds me of one of the few favorite poems I can recite from memory; "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost...  ahhh... the impermanence of youth, nature, and craft...  

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