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DIY: Refinished Chair

By Sars @RockinAroundThe

New year, new you hunty.

DIY Gold Chair

Out with the old, in with the gold.  It’s easy to make old furniture new again with a can of spray paint, and sandpaper.  Here’s how to turn out a golden goose…

Refinish Chair

Start with a dingy piece of furniture, one that you probably want to get rid of.  I have this white rocking chair that sits on my front porch, and no matter how much I bleach it… it still looks dirty.  I wanted to get rid of it, but then my porch looked sad.  So, I decided to give it the Midas touch.  Once you select your piece of furni, clean the surface with warm soapy water and towel dry.  Gently sand the piece of furniture (if it’s wood).


Take it outside, and spray paint.  You may have to apply a second coat.  When dry, apply a finishing spray.

Gold Chair

In obsessed with my new gold chair, it’s sooo Shah’s of Sunset.  Maybe I’ll refinish my dressers too.

Frock On*

DIY: Refinished Chair
DIY: Refinished Chair
DIY: Refinished Chair
DIY: Refinished Chair

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