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Diy Paper Bauble

By Threadandbutter @threadandbutter
DIY PAPER BAUBLEI finished exam #3/3 today so I am finally free from Uni for Christmas. Yippee! I came home feeling slightly lost and guilty for doing nothing. So I decided it would only be right to make some handmade Christmas decorations. I have made a set of  paper baubles which look really effective either as a garland, or as individual decorations. They were really easy to make so I've made a DIY tutorial to help you make your own. They really are simple so give it a go!

You will need:
1. Newspaper2. Scissors3. Something circular to trace around (e.g a glass)4. Glue5. Cotton Instructions:1. Cut out 12 circles of equal size2. Fold all of the circles in half and stack them inside each other3. Wrap a length of cotton along the fold and tie at one end. This will form the loop to hang your decoration4. Dab glue 1/3 of the way down on the first circle, fold the facing sides against each other5. Dab glue 1/3 of the way up on the next circle, fold the facing sides of the circle against each other6. Repeat this process all the way around until all circles are glued to the next.You can make these baubles in any shape or size and they are sure to give your home a beautiful handmade touch.


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