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DIY Home Decor // Cow Skull Canvas

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

DIY cow skull canvas

When it comes to art, it’s definitely not a talent I possess. Probably has to do with all the times I skipped art class for the beach (sorry mom).

I blame my lack of artistic ability on the fact I am a bit lot on the OCD side. I like to see finished results, which means I am prone to rush through things with little to no thought. Which isn’t always a bad thing as my room never has a single thing out of place and is pretty much always perfectly organized. I can’t even go to sleep with a sweatshirt on the ground, trust me… I’ve tried.

Yet when it comes to art, that isn’t always the best technique. 

My roommate came home the other day with two canvases, and offered me one for a small fee. I figured I could give art another go. This time around though, I spent a lot of time brainstorming and scoping out ideas on Pinterest. I’ve always wanted a cow skull above my bed, but never found one. Plus, they are so trendy now, I wanted to mix it up. Paint my own cow skull… seemed easy enough? It was.

I almost feel silly for even posting this because it’s such a simple DIY, but the result was too good (IMO) not too share, plus it may inspire some of you to make some art. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect by any means, but I think I did a pretty damn good job for being a bad artist with a shaky hand.

cow skull drawing

+ Step 1: Sketch out your design. You can use a stencil if you please, but I just looked at an image online and free handed it with a pencil. The dotted line is a great way to help keep thing symmetrical. Optional: paint the canvas before you trace so that the cow skull is a different color or pattern than the background. +

DIY Cow Skull Canvas

+ Step 2: Paint your background. Be sure to use two different sized brushes (small & large) so that there are no mistakes when getting close to the cow skull. You’re also going to want to paint the cow skull white, even though it already is white, because that will make sure it all blends. +

DIY Cow Skull Canvas

+ Step 3: Add some studs (if you want). The cow skull looked great, but I knew it needed a little something. I was debating between fake flowers around the horns or studs, but studs ultimately won. Make it your own by adding glitter/studs/puff paint/whatever. +

cow skull and dream catchers

+ TaDahhhh! Doesn’t it look so good above my bed with all of my dreamcatchers. Although I will say, I need one more dream catcher on the left, my OCD is not happy with that. +


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