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DIY Home Decor-2

By Sahi
Sometimes its the smallest tweaks that makes the biggest change at home. These hacks solve the common dilemma but also elevates the home style. These simple ideas will not cost a lot, and a little creativity can make the home refreshing and interesting.
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Jewelry Hanger:

All you need is a hanger and a paper clip. Hang you collection of chain and neck piece in the most creative way!
DIY Home decor-2
Reuse the old coke bottle:
Don't throw the coke bottle. Use it as a flower holder, just by taping around few colorful washi tapes.
DIY Home decor-2
You can also use some twine or jute wires to decorate it 
DIY Home decor-2
Jute Ball lamp:
Glue the jute wires and wrap them around a balloon. Wait till the jute wire dries up and carefully remove air from the balloon. you can place this over the lamp or hang them with a lamp inside it. 
DIY Home decor-2
DIY Home decor-2

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