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DIY Home Beauty

By Lollicious @lollicious
Do you love to splurge and get pampered or do you prefer to DIY at home? I love to get my hair colored at the salon and my nails and pedi done at salon as a treat but on a day to day basis I am defiantly a DIYer..
Here are my fav DIY home beauty tips
Self Tan
*Always do your prep, hop in a hot shower, exfoliate your skin thoroughly and moisturize your knees, face and elbows
*Apply tan in a even and through manner, I use
DIY Home Beauty and daily I use DIY Home Beauty
* I rub the mousse to my face, arms, chest, back, then legs. I then check my self over for any white spots and fill in with a spot more mousse
* Daily after my night time shower I apply Dove Summer glow, it leaves my skin moisturised and with a warm glow.
*Currently I am sporting a Ombre hair color and my hair require little color maintenance (FINALLY)
DIY Home Beauty
I am trying to grow my hair out for our Wedding next year so I am avoiding having it trimmed. I am also avoiding heat styling and am keeping this to a once a week minimum. 
I use this shampoo and conditioner and leave in treatment. I am attempting to wash only every 2-3 days.. DIY Home Beauty
Im looking for a new treatment also, something to promote healthy hair, hair growth (if that's even possible) and moisture and shine, any suggestions???
* I also wear my hair in a loose top knot nearly every day to minimize damage..
DIY Home Beauty
DIY Home Beauty
Its helping my hair has grown and looks and feels healthy....
For the last 5 months I have been using Mario Badesco face products and I am a convert. They have worked skin miracles with my difficult skin. My skin is prone to hormonal cystic pimples, these are sore deep lumps that take weeks to come out and heal. Since using Mario Badesco I have had 1 and it lasted 4 days! AMAZED, I am...  DIY Home Beauty
I use DIY Home Beauty I use this morning and night every day
DIY Home Beauty This daily
DIY Home Beauty This at night
DIY Home Beauty This on any lumps or bumps and on my chin everyday...
I also give myself a facial once or twice a week using these
DIY Home Beauty and this  DIY Home BeautyDIY Home Beauty
DIY Facial
*Start with a warm shower, exfoliate your face. I use rub in a small amount of Garnier and leave on for about 30 seconds and scrub off gently. I then place a warm face towel over my face.  *Once out of the shower I apply the drying mask to my chin, nose and forhead. I apply the Orange tonic mask to my cheeks and the gaps. Let dry *Wash with warm water *Cleanse skin *Tone skin *Apply rosehip oil to any scars, fine lines or dry spots *Apply a light moisturizer to whole face *Apply spot cream to spots
Now I dont have amazing skin, Im normal but I know if I have a regular skin care routine and drink lots of water and eat cleanly, take my vitamins and try and exercise regularly my skin and hair are at their best
I love a good mani/pedi session like most girls but I simply dont have the time to spend each week in a salon.I like to change my polish a few times a week
Home Mani DIY
*Use acetone nail polish remover, this is least damaging *Keep nails short and neat *File in one direction to keep nail integrity *Use a cheap base coat to ensure nails don't become stained *To paint a nail neatly and without too much mess, follow this diagram DIY Home Beauty
Remember it takes about 10 mins for nails to be touch dry and 24hrs to set completely so plan your mani/pedi around sport,gym moving house etc!!
My fav nail colors at the moment DIY Home Beauty
Do you DIY or are you a salon bunny? xx

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