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DIY Healthy & Delish Greek Yogurt Popsicles

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

greek yogurt popsicles

Some people have one sweet tooth, but somehow I ended up with a mouthful. I like to pride myself on my healthy eating, but when it comes to dessert (ice cream, GF cake, GF cookies, chocolate covered blueberries/cherries, etc.), I simply can’t resist. 

Considering I don’t want to put on any extra LBS, especially during bikini season, I decided to craft up my very own alternative to the sugar filled popsicles I am always stocking up on.  Not to mention, I had an adorable new popsicle mold I’ve been dying to use.

These turned out to be wayyyy better tasting than the store bough junk, and they were incredibly simple. Kind of a no brainer actually. Fresh fruit, honey greek yogurt, and a couple of hours in the freezer… how come I didn’t think of this before??

Don’t be scared to get creative with these bad boys. Throw in granola/dark chocolate chips/shredded coconut/whatever that annoying sweet tooth is craving.

healthy greek yogurt popsicles
easy popsicle recipes

diy popsicle recipes



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