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DIY-Glass Painting.

By Sahi
  Arts and crafts has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and when you do it all by yourself it gives you such a pleasure. :) Doing your own stuffs from scrap,or torn cloths or even waste materials turns out to be such beautiful items that you can proudly display in your living room or your balcony or literally anywhere..:)
2013 has started with a crafty note for me!! So i thought,you not put up a post on all these simple DIY items that can be used as give away or even personalized gifts..:).
My first post here in DIY series is the simple glass painting.
This may seem tough but i must say its really easy and worth making it.:)
Things needed: paint 2.Tracing sheet 3.A picture of your choice 4.varnish.
How to do?
1. Take the transparent glass of your size and make sure it is clean.(as i used the glass that was in my loft not used for years,i had to clean it) 
2.With the help of the tracing sheet,trace a picture of your choice and keep it ready.
3.Now, keep the tracing sheet on one side of the glass,and turn the glass so that you can see the image on the other side.
4.With the help of the glass out liner(which will be available in the glass painting kit) start tracing the image on the glass.
5.Once you are done with tracing the image,let it dry for few hours(i let it dry for a day)
6.Now you have a glass with the outline of your favorite image,all that is left is just filling in the glass colours.
7.once you have filled in the colours,let it dry for few hours and then give a quote of varnish over the paint. DIY-Glass painting.
DIY-Glass painting.
DIY-Glass painting.
8.Now your beautiful glass painting is all ready to be framed :)

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