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By Alissakelly @ALK_FeelingGood
I've been bit by the DIY bug. I was organizing my jewelry collection the other day and found a necklace I haven't worn for years. To be honest I wore it once (to my sister's wedding) and it's been gathering dust. So I brought it back out into the light and decided to completely change the way it looks. I got spray paint happy, and forgot to take a 'before' picture but you should know it was a beautiful silver necklace (picked out by my sister).
DIY Day: Neon Necklace
1. Make sure the jewelry is clean
2. Set up a spray paint area (newspapers, cardboard, etc) in a well-ventilated area
3. Using white primer, spray jewelry with 2-3 coats (letting dry in between each)
4. Turn jewelry over and repeat #3 on other side
5. Repeat the same process with neon spray paint
It's as simple as that! I had fun with this project and even found a second necklace to spruce up. I like how they aren't as big as a lot of my necklaces... perfect layering pieces. Since I don't want to waste the rest of perfectly good spray paint, I'm going to see what else I can paint. Why buy when I can DIY? (did I just coin a new phrase?!)
Have you tried any DIY projects? Any favorites?

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