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DIY: Cut It Out

By Sars @RockinAroundThe

Cutting it out is the only thing that Joey Gladstone was ever right about.

DIY Spring Look

As my mood board on Monday showed, I’m totally feeling sweaters paired with pleated skirts.  I love a pleated skirt, I think they’re so chic.  Here’s how I mixed and matched my closet, to turn out what I wanted.

No Sew DIY

While cleaning my closet, I made a pile of things that I kind of like that have DIY potential.  A short-sleeved sweater dress made its way into the pile, because short-sleeved sweater dresses are dumb… you get too hot when you wear them during spring/summer, and you can’t add a cardigan or blazer when you’re cold during fall/winter.  I figured I could make a sweater or a sweater skirt from this old ass Bill Cosby sweater dress.  A pleated dress made its way to the pile, because I love the colors in the dress.  However, the top is bizarre and never looked right.  I figured I could cut the pleated portion off and make it a skirt.

Pleated Skirt

You can pretty much turn any dress with a defined waist into a skirt, with no sewing!  Just turn it inside out, and use fabric scissors to cut along the seam.  Voila, instant skirt.

DIY Cropped Sweater

Sweaters are so easy to work with.  All you have to do is determine the length that you like, then cut with pinking shears.  If your little heart desires, you can flip the sweater inside out and use a glue gun to secure the hem.

Cropped Sweater DIY

I free hemmed the sweater, and I wish I spent more than sixty seconds on it.  I’m loving the pleated skirt though, it matches everything in my closet… werq!

Cut it out.

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