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DIY ✄ Custom Nail Polish Bobbies

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

I am loving that people are using bobby pins as hair accessories. I feel like every since Refinery 29 showed off their chevron styled bobby pin creation, the trend just kind of blew up.  Saw it on the runways, see it on the streets, and now I want to rock it.

Sure, you can go buy some colored bobbies, but when it is easier to whip out some nail polish and make them- why not?

I am no stranger to nail polish related DIY’s, which probably has to do something with the fact I work for a nail polish company (the oh-so-fab Julep). I have seriously over 100 colors, which means I have plenty of options for a variety of different projects.

This one was super easy, and took only like 30 minutes (dry time included). Surprisingly, when not on your nails, polish dries rather quickly.

diy bobby pins

+ Step 1: pick your colors!! I opted for two different holograms (as you already know I am obsessed with all things holographic), a neon pink and green, and a sparkle.

diy bobby pins

+ Step 2: Paint your bobbies. Most will need a few coats, but dry time in between coats is quick, quick, quick!

nail polish bobby pins

+ Ta Dah!! The neons weren’t as bright as I would have liked in the end, but all in all they turned out pretty cute.

I’ve been rocking the high bun religiously as of late, but once I actually get around to straightening/ brushing my tresses, I will rock these and snap a pic. Promise.


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