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Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

By Divulicious

A very Happy & Safe Diwali 
Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

A Diwali Without RANGOLI looks like a house without paint and very guilty. Rangoli is not only a part of culture but it is a traditional style of decorating home. the rangoli give us a new energy and our body feels good.

Rangoli is a smart way for welcoming our guests on occasion of Diwali. We do many arrangements for welcoming Goddess Laxmi in our homes .The vastu & Granthas says that Rangoli brings happiness in life. We can make Rangoli in many ways :

  •  With rangoli colours
  • rice
  • coloured salt
  • flowers
  • vegetables
  • Coloured Flour
I use Rangoli colours + salt ( for outline ) + sometimes Flowers & Rice 

The season of Diwali is looking very pretty & unique. I am sharing in this Post some new & unique pattern of rangoli. You may find or choose your favorite design and decorate your House with Beautiful Colours of rangoli . 
Wish u a very happy Diwali

Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

Ganesha Rangoli

Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

Rice Rangoli

Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

Flower Rangoli ( i made this last year with Colours) 

Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

Peacock Rangoli

Diwali rangoli with colored salt

DIY colored salt is really easy to make. All you need is some ordinary table salt and some paint. We used craft/poster paint (sometimes called tempera paint), and squeezed a little into a jug of salt. Stir it all together to get an even color, and leave to dry over night.
Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

Don't forget to add some Diyas or Candles to Rangoli ♥

 Here is My Rangoli - 

Diwali RANGOLI Ideas
Diwali RANGOLI Ideas

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