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Disposable Camera Time

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh

With everything being digitally saved onto the internet or a hard drive nowadays it is all that much easier for photographs to get lost and I am sure we have all had an experience of loosing an item of technology that stores these memories or even accidentally deleting photos - I know I have and it's the most gutting feeling in the world. Which is why I made a pact at the beginning of this year to take more photos and make sure I get them printed. So I have taken this blog post back to the 'stone ages' where getting photographs you have taken on your camera in your hand, you have to get them printed off. welcome to my disposable camera challenge!Disposable Camera TimeFrom now on I solemnly swear to always carry a disposable camera in my handbag and try and take lots of different images throughout the month, maybe even one a day. Above is my first batch, some photographs were rubbish, others were lovely and some were funny. I had a right ole' chuckle to myself when I finally sat down to see the outcome and the best part about this whole challenge is the anticipation that builds up to getting them printed off. There is no such thing as a delete button or a filter this is photography at its finest & I want to master it. 
Disposable Camera TimeDisposable Camera TimeDisposable Camera TimeDisposable Camera Time A few things I learnt after getting these images back is FLASH IS YOUR FRIEND, with digital cameras and phone cameras being so well developed now we all get told that flash is your enemy and a natural light is the best. Well unfortunately this is not the case with a disposable camera, they have one setting and that is point and shoot so unless your outside in the daytime. A flash is best you can see from the image below, my bedroom was lit up at mid day and you can hardly see myself and Ewan *although I kind of like the effect of the image*Disposable Camera TimeI really enjoy the old effect these photographs have it reminds me of all the photographs I have as a child. I can't wait to sit down with Ewan one day and show him these. Another thing I have learnt is to have fun and catch awesome memories! - yes you can still do a selfie its just a little old school.  I even let Ewan take a few snaps, granted his finger got in the way of the lens, but thats all the fun of doing this - He really enjoyed himself. Disposable camera's are pretty much a thing of the past but I have enjoyed using this film and already have another one in the post ready to start it all over again. I hope you enjoyed reading this let me know if you have done anything similar I would love to see. Take Care Leigh xo

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