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Dishing Up Dinner

By Yonni @vegandthecity
It's cold and gray. I know - it's winter - it should be - but it's weather like this that invokes a desire for some good vegan comfort food. Problem is, my waistline doesn't want those foods that normally brings to mind!
I was at a new local market, DeCicco, and they had this beautiful mushroom, onion and fennel salad in the case. It got my recipe brain churning...
Dishing Up Dinner
Here's the result:
I am going to sautée half a small yellow onion and, once wilted, stir in some cooked brown lentils. I am going to chop the 1/4 lb. of this mushroom salad I picked up, and add it to the lentils, warming it all together. Who knows, I may even add a touch of truffle oil at the end.
I'll also be roasting brussel sprouts with a light maple syrup glaze, and the butternut squash I recently featured with crispy sage, vegan butter and a touch of kosher salt (possibly some cinnamon.) 
I'll open a full bodies red to go along with it all.  How's that for tasty, guiltless winter comfort?
Cheers and happy weekend!

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