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Discovering Your Purpose: Questions to Spark Your Drive!

By Jenrene

As a part of our Expressive Voices initial gathering as a group we usually explore our purpose!

Discovering Your Purpose: Questions to Spark Your Drive!
 Our “Explore Your Purpose Questionnaire” (taken from Katie Brazelton’s book) on Conversations on Purpose: 10 Appointments That Will Help you to Discover God’s Plan for your Life“ was very instrumental in helping us get there! Mind you, Katie had several more question s than I did here, but I thought this was a good start!

 Please answer  and tell us how this impacted your thoughts, below!

1. Who Are You?
I am _____________________________________.
I am not __________________________________.

2. Are you Introvert or are you Extrovert?

3. Do you usually ask for what you want?
Why or why not?

4. Do you have a personal sense of place? If so, how do you nurture that peacefulness?
If not, why do you think you don’t have a place?

5. What do you need to hear in your life more than anything else> Do you typically hear it?

6. What are you bracing yourself for? What is the likelihood it will happen?

7. If you did what was really on your heart to do, who would dissuade you and why?
Who would support you, and why?

8. Where’s your leverage? In other words, what do you know, have or own, or represent that gives you and advantage that many others don’t?

9. What sin do you need to confess? (It’s okay to write in secret code – God can decode!)

10. Do you feel as if you are following your destiny or wandering thru life? Why?

11. What is your purpose in life – your primary role in this season of your life?

12. What is calling your name?

I just love that last question!

 And here was my answer: My book is calling my name; as well as helping people to explore and leap into their hidden purpose!  From this Expressive Voices was born! ( Yea!!) ( That was seven months ago… and now my book is done, and I dont’ know what to do with myself! )

Additional  Thought Provoking Questions to Consider:

  1. What surprised you, concerned you, or confused you?
  2. If you had a chance to do something over in your life, what would it be?
  3. What new insights or questions has this exercise raised?

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