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Discover Botataung Temple

By Khanhpv

Botataung temple locates in the center of Yangon River. Temple is the highest honor of a city. A golden temple ruins 40 meters and attach great importance to the divine, the Buddha's hair, a Burma tourist destination of tourists, it is difficult not to explore, unlike other temples.

In addition to natural beauty attracted to Yangon's cultural diversity. The East is a city of immigrants, Yangon has a mixed culture, people of different religious communities. In addition, the city of Burma is still the main gateway to the sea port, so it is the economic center of the country.


Botataung temple

The botataung botahtaung temple built, also written by a professional before about 2500. During the Second World War, the temple was destroyed in an air force bombing missions for near the pier. Reconstruction began in 1948 after the original design.

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The temple's name means "1000 jiangjunmiao", which also shows the significance of it, because it is in Burma. The army, the establishment of such environment.

The main station in the center platform tiles in a small stupa around the tower. The pagoda is a relic of the unique function of botataung monastery, which respect the sacred Buddha, it is empty, open to the public.

Sitting in the high base in a booth of Kung Fu, is the image of bronze Buddha palace. These images were cast in 1859 mindon the king's command was sent to you for those years, returned to the territory of Burma after a few years of independence.

These are the most unique botataung pagoda temple. In most of the pagoda and close, especially in public, the pagoda is empty, people can walk through it. Go on a wall and glass mosaic, visitors will see a glass counter display interior contains ancient cultural relics, including some of the image of Buddha, very old have been found to be destroyed in the pagoda, he in 1943.

In the dry year, there is a famous festival in botataung temple, visitors to the Burma tourism yagon do not miss the opportunity to participate in the carnival of space.

Botataung temple in Burma, Burma is a place where touris

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