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Disco Pants - FAKE Or THE REAL DEAL ?

By Lolarose @LolaRoseBlogger
Hi girlies,
I cracked. I am now the proud owner of disco pants, I find myself jumping on more and more blogging band waggons as time goes on!!
But I decided it would be fun to let you guess whether I purchased fakers or the real deal!!
& here they are;
Disco Pants - FAKE or THE REAL DEAL ?Tee shirt - River IslandDisco Pants - ???Wedges - Primark/PennysDisco Pants - FAKE or THE REAL DEAL ?Disco Pants - FAKE or THE REAL DEAL ?Disco Pants - FAKE or THE REAL DEAL ?* butt snap was purely for you to see the back of the disco pants not my bum!!
I will let you know tomorrow whether these are genuine American Apparel or fakers ;)
Come back tomorrow to check!!!
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 

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By Andrew
posted on 21 September at 11:24
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Disco pants are great and own 2 pairs in every color of american apparels.I can tell by the butt pic those are fake AAs.