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Direction, Decisions in All Things Be Encouraged!

By Misslara16 @misslara

You will hear him say this is the way walk in it!

These two words are extremely important to me right now, I have been enjoying the student status for a while now but alas, my second degree draws to a close and life, real life I mean, is about to start... I began to see that I needed direction to make the right decisions...
Then it came to me, there are people like me out there who are in the same position and the future feels like you are standing at the beach and uncertainty seems to fill the air...
 Be encouraged, God has promised to be with you all the way even to the end. He is right there, he will be the voice saying to you turn right, turn left... kind alike a navigational system just this time its not apple neither is it Google.  He will direct your every move by breathing upon you.
His love will renew everything in your life and you shall enjoy direction. He has promised you that you will not walk in the dark and that's just what he's going to do. Trust him, believe him, Be encouraged.
Have a beautiful week lovelies!

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