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Diggin’ Up Bones in Gingrich Backyard

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
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   Since left-wing media ran Herman Cain out-of-town, Newt Gingrich has soared to the top of the Republican food chain, now the wolves are stalking their prey. Recent polls have Newt at a double-digit lead over Mitt Romney as Gingrich continues to gain favor. The rise in poll numbers has left-wing media, shovels in hand, digging up the fossils of Newts past. A long list of controversial topics, flip-flops, and improprieties make Newt the perfect target for the only shovel ready project the left has produced. Criticized for everything from selling books and movies while campaigning too past stands on issues, Gingrich defends himself with conviction claiming he has sought redemption for his transgressions and is a “grandfather” now –which has changed him considerably. However, do people believe him? It seems they do according to poll numbers, what’s more, tactics of Republican rivals and the left prove Newt to be a creditable threat.

   In a December 9th article published by The Huffington Post, issue is taken with Gingrich promoting and selling books and movies while campaigning for the Presidency. The article continuously slams Newt and his wife for signing, promoting, and selling books while on the campaign trail –depicting Gingrich as a self-promoting name dropper. Criticizing the Presidential candidate for relentlessly focusing on financial security for himself and his family is a weak argument at best. Who in their right mind would stop securing a certain life for prospects of an uncertain one? It’s not like Newt has secured his place in the Oval Office.

   The Washington Post also engaged in the fossil-find via a December 10th article, which outlines Newt’s flip-flop on health care mandates. The article highlights contrasts between earlier positions and recent quotes made by Gingrich during the 2012 Presidential campaign. The WP article, “the first in a series of five”, quotes Gingrich’s most recent comments denouncing healthcare mandates in which he calls it “unconstitutional” and an open door for more government mandates. However, this left-wing read quickly breaks ground, digging up old news of Newt’s past position when fighting against “Hillary Care”. According to the article, in 1993 Gingrich insinuates he is for mandatory health insurance by comparing health care mandates to auto insurance mandates, suggesting all Americans should have insurance.

   Whether it is affairs, passing Bills with Pelosi, calling the Palestinians “terrorists” and “invented”, health care mandates, or Donald Trump’s upcoming debate, Gingrich can’t catch a break –even Conservative pundits are throwing mud in Newt’s eye. Regardless, Newt Gingrich is standing firm on his convictions of ‘lessons learned’, and refuses to go “negative” in the run for the White House. Will Newt keep his word? Probably not, because politics are NOT a nice guy’s sport! However, as Joe Biden says, “don’t compare him to the Almighty, but by the competition”. Newt may not be Presidential material to most, but he is better than the alternative –Obama for another grueling four years!

(This article is not in support of Newt Gingrich -I’m just saying!)


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