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Desi Kitchen Serves Competitive Indian Food

By Annieuncanny

Desi Kitchen is actually a welcoming add to the already large amount of Indian restaurants in Grønland, Oslo. One Indian restaurant I’ve mentioned before is Lal Qila, while one I’m never going to mention is Tandoori Curry Corner.The reason Desi Kitchen is needed in the area is that the food looks and tastes more than your average take-away portion of I-think-it’s-Indian-food. If you check out their website you can tell they stand out from the (Grønland) crowd.


The interior is not too far from McDonald’s with its sterile seating spaces and tables, but I wouldn’t think twice about taking a seat (if you can get one). It gets busy as soon as they open at 12AM.

Thomas @ Desi Kitchen in Oslo, where there's room for the odd baby stroller

Thomas @ Desi Kitchen in Oslo, where there’s room for the odd baby stroller

The menu

Varied Indian dishes, 18 if you count the vegetarian options.

The dish

CHICKEN DESI KARAHI – Yes, I love chicken, onions, and fried food, so that helps a lot when ordering this dish. I think traditionally it’s supposed to come with more ingredients, but for the price of 129 NOK I can be very forgiving.

Desi Kitchen Oslo

Chicken @ Desi Kitchen Oslo

Desi Kitchen Oslo

Fried onions, kitchen and lime @ Desi Kitchen Oslo

My rating: ♥♥♥/♥

Good, tasteful, and a good-sized portion. Only withdrawal is the very small salad. On an ending note; I can’t wait to go back!

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