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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un - East Meets West...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Rodman Kim

One of the more bizarre friendships has been reunited this week as former basketball star Dennis Rodman flew out to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un whose birthday is today. Kim as you will know is quickly gaining a brutal reputation after the execution of his uncle Jang Song Thaek before Christmas and yet they seem to all reports like really good friends. How Dennis can condone this kind of action is beyond me, but it is not my place to judge.

DennisRodman Kim

Luckily for Astrological purposes I have accurate birth details of Dennis (13 May 61 @ 00:10 hrs in Trenton, NJ) and very interestingly Kim's natal Sun (born 8 Jan 84 at 7.15 Pyongyang, NK) sits within 10 minutes of a degree conjunct to Dennis' Ascendant which does suggest a really strong bond and connection between them.

They have earth Suns which is compatible and Kim's Pisces Moon works well with Dennis' Taurean Moon. Dennis' Moon trine to Kim's Venus is a very easy going and well balanced connection indicating a good friendship and excellent communication and his Mercury opposite Kim's Venus shows understanding as well, especially on creative subjects.

Kim's Moon opposes and his Venus squares Rodman's Pluto so there is a very intense link here, certainly I think that Kim may be in awe of Dennis and could be influenced or even manipulated by him, not that Kim is totally averse to manipulative games himself. His Pluto squares to Dennis' Mars, so there is a very competitive side to this relationship that could get feisty over time. I get the feeling that the Mars (Kim) Saturn (Rodman) square could cause friction and frustration too, this is one of those red flag aspects that always seems to cause problems in any kind of relationship, a friendship or even more between those in romantic unions too.

It remains to see whether these two very prominent people will remain long term buddies, but for the moment at least they seem very much on the same wavelength...

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