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Denim Made Me Do It

By Suma @ThFabJunkie
Denim Made Me Do It

Hey Loves! 

I feel great accomplishment when I find a gem at a Thrift Shop and customize it to fit my personality. Goodwill has been my "go to" lately for shopping. Cheap finds and recycled fashion. When I say "recycled fashion", I mean that it's easier to find a dated piece at goodwill. A dated piece that has come FULL circle. Denim has always been a big craze in fashion. It never goes out of style and there's so many ways to wear it. Let me tell you, there are racks on racks of DENIM at thrift shops. A few pieces that I'm wearing in this post was found at my local Goodwill. The shoes, the shirt and the denim jacket. 
So let's focus on the denim jacket- I actually found this jacket in the fall if I remember correctly. It was perfect the way I found it. I started to see all these trendy shredded jackets showing up. Some of them are selling for hundreds of dollars. Now you know, I'm NOT about that. So... I took to shredding this denim jacket which I think I spent a total of $9 on. Check out my look! 

Denim Made Me Do ItDenim Made Me Do ItDenim Made Me Do ItDenim Made Me Do It
A few days ago, I added a few more rips around the sleeves. I felt like it needed more. What's great about making something "your own" is that you set the limits! I'm currently working on a DIY video/post on "How To Shred Denim" because it's super easy and fun to do. So stay tuned for that! Until next time...........
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