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Demi Moore – Having Problems Dealing with Separation

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


It is sad seeing any relationship breaking down and some people deal with the heartbreak better than others. Demi Moore is visibly having a tough time after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher who is 16 years her junior started to fail. She has noticeably lost weight recently and the worry and stress of the whole situation can be seen over her face. Looking at the her astrology chart, it is very noticeable why she is taking things so badly.

DemiMoore natal

Demi was born on 11th November 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico at 14.16 hrs. She is a Sun sign Scorpio with a possessive Taurean Moon and has an elusive Piscean Ascendant. This is a hugely emotional and fixed chart with 5 planets and the ascendant in water signs and no less that 7 planets in fixed signs. Although a being hugely determined lady, Demi will also be very stubborn. People with fixed charts tend to react badly to change and as I will show, Demi is an extreme case in this.

The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus are in opposition and shows a need to build her life at a steady pace and in the process maintaining the status quo. Demi will like to keep things nicely in order and she will do this by use of control and being aware of everything going on around her. There is tremendous potential to do big things with this duo of planets and you are generally fine if you are on an upwards curve. Taurus builds the confidence and Scorpio shows a superior and strong presence. The problems set in once you get over the hill and start going down. If change is forced upon the Taurean Moon, the emotional Scorpio side of this combination starts to dominate through worry and stress, then it can lead to the destruction of the personality.

The basis of this chart revolves around a stressful t-square. The Sun in opposition to the Moon in the 2nd is joined in the 8th house by Mercury, Venus & Neptune and this opposition is squared by Mars in Leo in the 5th house. The fact that we have a Sun Moon opposition, the planet of the father and the mother opposing each other bring the idea to mind that Demi’s parents had problems. To confirm this, the planets ruling the cusps of the parental axis (4th /10th houses) Mercury and Jupiter are both under stress too. Mercury receives the same square as the Sun from Mars and Jupiter is opposed by erratic Uranus. Demi’s parents split before she was born and she was brought up by her mother and step father. Neptune, the planet of drug use and alcohol is involved here too in these set of oppositions and it is reported that both Demi’s mother and step-dad had drink problems and fought regularly. If you see your parents fighting as a child, it tends to set a precedent in your head, as if this practice is the norm. You see them feeling bad about themselves, and in turn you feel bad about yourself. Demi’s self worth will be low with the emotions of the Moon opposed in the second. With Mars in the 5th house she may well associate the giving of love with a more physical aggressive approach and with Mercury, Neptune and Venus in Scorpio the 8th she may idealize the intimate the sexual side of relationships with people. There is a final twist too. Saturn sits in the 11th house of receiving love. Saturn here demands love shown to you. Demi desperately needs to be loved and adored, and if love, especially intimate love is not present and shown, it can lead to depression and feeling as if you are a failure.  

The stellium in the 8th house shows a very private hidden & darker side to Demi’s personality. She will be quite mysterious, as if her personality exists on two levels. On the upper level we see Venus Sun Mercury and Neptune bringing a love of beauty and creativity, music, art & fashion enhanced further by the gentle Pisces ascendant. TV and film was a natural career avenue for Demi to go down, bringing her the adoration that the 11th house Saturn required. Here is a soft dreamy emotion laced with a spark of charisma brought about with the connection to a very confident Mars. Mars in Leo is very flash and loving the glamour of being in the spotlight. Demi will be unafraid of being photographed, indeed she will positively enjoy the attention and has done some very daring photo shoots. The 5th/8th house axis square shows a confidence of one’ s sexuality. Mars in the 5th is a risk taking position with a love of sport & games is shows an active attitude in regard to being with children. The Mars square to the Moon shows that Demi will have herself a fiery temper and her emotions will be out there for all to see. All this is on the outside, the Demi you see. The lower, deeper level of her personality shows great insecurity and secrecy. It is almost as her confidence is built on egg-shells. If she is being loved, if she is being successful then she will exude strong self- belief. If not all those insecurities will drag her down and down and down. The nature of Scorpio is to plummet the depths. The Scorpio Sun at some point in it’s evolvement must be transformed, and living through life as if one is on a rollercoaster is par for the course for anyone with a strong Scorpio influence in their chart.

Being a most sensitive soul with Pisces on the ascendant, any drop in self esteem does affect the health. Demi is especially at risk as her constitution is not only weakened by the Pisces ascendant, but her Sun’s energy is weakened yet further by the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune. This brings me onto the final 3 planets on the chart I have not yet looked at. Pluto and Uranus in Virgo sit in Demi’s 6th house of everyday work and health opposed by Jupiter in the 12th house in Pisces. We have a stressful opposition across the health axis of the chart in the two health signs Virgo and Pisces. Pluto and Uranus in the 6th shows a tyrant like but very disorganised and zealous attitude for work and personal health, bordering on obsession. Jupiter opposing only increases the scale of this, making her very impressionable. Demi will be obsessed in how she looks, she may work out like a demon to keep herself in trim & she will try out unusual health techniques and methods of healing. She has been known to use spiritual counseling in the past which bears this out. The reports of her suffering anorexia are not surprising considering the nature of this chart. Her need to look good is related to her need to feel lovable and be loved, and she will go to any lengths to make herself feel attractive. Pluto makes a sextile to Neptune, bringing the potential  & the problems of a escapist attitude, and thus the possible use of narcotic substances and maybe alcohol to deaden the pain inside.

I always am concerned by a 6th/12th opposition as it can indicate future health problems when this axis is activated. The Taurean Moon is in a service position in the 2nd house, a position she shares with the late Princess Diana. With her charitable Jupiter in the 12th house of being generous to those who are suffering opposed by humanitarian Uranus, maybe this is one route that she can throw herself into to make when she needs to feel good about herself. Her Demi and Ashton foundation is a charity fighting child sexual slavery, a direct link to the 5th/8th house square linking children (5th house) with sexual exploitation (8th house).

DemiMoore sa

Now her break up with him is at the heart of her current problems. Feeling unloved and rejected, all the emotions and demons in her chart which I mentioned are being brought to the surface. Those with fixed charts have to be dragged kicking and screaming to change their ways, and with no planets in cardinal signs, Demi will have little or no drive to do this on her own. It is very much a vicious circle that she finds herself in. The Solar Arc chart for Demi gives the clearest picture of the break up of her relationship with Solar Arc Saturn square to her Midheaven, signifying a major change in the family. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Solar Arc Pluto is just over a year away from being square to the Nodal Axis. This aspect heralds a new important connection in her life, meeting someone who will have a life long relationship with her. Maybe, just maybe, she is going to meet the guy who will stand alongside her and her children for the rest of her life. For a very talented actress who needs some love and support right now, let’s hope that the planets will bring her some salvation.

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