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Delhi Rape Case Brings Protests and Lockdown to the City

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

delhi protests

On 16th December in Delhi, India, a unknown 23 year old woman was brutally gang raped on a bus by a group of men. Such was the ferocity of the attack that she was eventually flown to Singapore for medical care, where yesterday she passed away. Since the brutal incident happened, there have been widespread protests in the support of increasing women’s rights in India, and the authorities have been put on alert and much of the city have been under lockdown since she died fearing riots and further protests.

India transits

The India chart for the day of the attack, the 16th December featured an almost exact square between Pluto the planet of death, sex and brutality moving through it’s own 8th house of underground and depraved acts exactly square (0:04 degrees) to the natal Indian Neptune which rules the 11 house of groups. Transiting Jupiter was also making a trine to Neptune, taking this incident and expanding not only the nature of it but the response to it too. Jupiter is moving in the Indian 1st house so this hit and incident went to the heart of the nation in a big way, and of course Jupiter (through Sagittarius) rules the 8th house where Pluto was and is moving through.

Both Uranus, the planet of shocking events and Pluto were making aspects (Uranus a trine and Pluto an inconjunct) to natal Mercury in the 3rd house, highlighting local transport and the place where the attack took place. Transiting Neptune, ruling the 11th and moving through the public face of the 10th house was making an exact quindecile (0:01 degrees) to the Indian natal Venus, an obvious connection to a collective incident (Neptune) on a woman (Venus). Transiting Venus was conjunct the South Node, a place of detriment and opposing the Indian Ascendant and just about to enter the Indian 7th house, bringing the issue of women and their treatment in society firmly to the agenda in the country.

Since this horrid incident, Pluto has moved on to 9 degrees Capricorn making a quindecile to the natal Uranus while still square to natal Neptune, triggering I think the riots in Delhi, and recently these riots became violent as Mars made an inconjunct aspect with the Indian natal Mars. Uranus through Aquarius rules the 10th house of the public face of the country, and so the politicians will now get involved to sort out the mess and hopefully legislate to impose tough penalties against these type of crimes against women.

Women across the sub-continent have always been seen in a lesser light than they should be and I hope that this tragedy can strengthen their rights and especially protect them a little more from men who think they are little more than objects to taken advantage of.

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