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Delengua, Learn Both Spanish Language and Culture in Granada

By Jjgn @TravAroundSpain

Delengua is a Spanish school in Granada, Alhambra’s hometown, located in the very center of the city and close to main tourist facilities, many shops and tapas bars. They often organize lots of activities and trips, and they can also be in charge of searching the best accommodation for you. You will not only learn Spanish, but also make the most of an intensive exposure to Spanish culture.
Travel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School Granada
The school
Travel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School Granada Escuela Delengua is a Spanish language school located right at the foot of the Albayzín, one of the oldest parts of Granada.  First off, one of the most attractive things about the school is the price. Without doubt it is one of the cheapest in the whole city but this does not mean that it compromises for value, as the teaching quality is outstanding. If you choose Delengua you are certainly getting the best value for money.  In my opinion, the vibe and general atmosphere in the school are two other things that Delengua has over other language schools. Fellow students come from all over the world with a wealth of different backgrounds and the fact that it isn´t a big school means that everyone tends to get to  know each other very well which helps the learning process incredibly as Spanish is the common language. Everything just seems to be on a more personal basis and this of course includes the teaching. 


Every day there is also a group activity for the students. The activity can consist of anything from going for a tapas tour to playing beach volleyball, visiting the Alhambra or at the weekend, going to the beach or visiting another main city. You´re never really short of anything to do! Another thing I really liked about the school was the fact they also sorted out your accommodation so you never need to worry about it. 
Travel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School GranadaTravel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School Granada
The teaching
Delengua School caters for any level of Spanish from absolute beginner to practical fluency and you never feel like you're out of your depth or finding it too easy. The school is also very flexible when it comes to the private, one-to-one classes. You talk to them about what you would like to learn and they have the experience and knowledge to help you overcome your obstacles.
Travel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School Granada
The city
Perhaps the most fortunate thing about the school is its location. Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, where there is so much to see and do. Not only is it located in Granada but at the foot of the Albayzín, it’s incredibly central. It´s about 7 minutes from the Alhambra, 1 minute from Plaza Nueva and of course about 30 seconds from the Albayzín! At Escuela Delengua almost everything is less than a 10 minute walk away!
Travel around Spain - Delengua Spanish School Granada

In general Escuela Delengua includes a lot more than a top notch language course; it provides an amazing experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain where your learning of the local culture is as fast as your learning of the language.


Calderería Vieja, 20. 18010 Granada. Spain
Tel+Fax:+34 958 204535[email protected]

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