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Deep Cycle Batteries

Posted on the 01 February 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Deep cycle batteries are designed for longer power supply durations than start up batteries.  Start up batteries, like the one in your car, are designed to give an initial surge of energy and must be sustained by a power charge.  Deep cycle batteries, however, are designed to supply a long-term charge.

 They are probably best known for their application with solar panels.  Deep cycle batteries are cleaner, more efficient, and last longer than regular batteries.  Because of this, they are finding their way into applications beyond solar energy.

 Deep cycle batteries reduce dependence on fossil fuel and leave a much smaller carbon footprint than standard batteries.  They can be used to power small homes and recreational vehicles.  Because of their slow disbursement of energy, they are more durable than standard batteries.  A longer-life battery can save you money in the long run.


deep cycle batteries Deep Cycle Batteries
As battery technology advances, deep cycle batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper, making them a more viable substitute for gasoline power generators.  So, they offer two benefits; they make a renewable resource, like solar panels, more practical by efficiently storing energy, and they reduce the need for carbon-based fossil fuels.

 These sorts of alternative energy sources are what the green movement is about.  Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is a main goal of going green, but so is saving money.

 Being green is all about conservation, whether it be conservation of energy through alternative fuel and power sources, or conservation of trees by reducing paper consumption.

 When you reduce consumption, you naturally save money, because you buy less of that material you are conserving.  The development of technologies, such as deep cycle batteries and solar panels, will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will reduce the footprint of your checkbook as well.

 Combining energy saving green technology with conservation, reuse, and recycling is a very effective progression to going green.  As you apply this green thinking to your everyday life, you will experience change.

 Going green is a habitual exercise.  At some point, your friends, neighbors and relatives are going to ask you about the compost pile in your backyard, the solar panels on your roof, and your deep cycle battery generator.

 At first, some of them might not be too turned on by the idea of going green, but as you tell them how these technologies, along with conservation, have changed your life and saved you money, they’ll listen with a more open mind.

 This is how the green movement grows and keeps going through better and better technology, like deep cycle batteries.

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