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Deconstructed Olympic Spirit

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Deconstructed Olympic Spirit It's no secret that not all of us are athletes.  Not all of us are into sport either.  Not all of us really get what all the fuss is about.  I mean I do.  And I don't.  I am amazed by the dedication, the super-human fitness, the intense training, the level of commitment, determination and effort that goes into competing, and I can't imagine what a great honor it must be to 'be the best' and to represent your nation... but at a time when people are struggling, how many gazillion dollars were spent building a venue for trampolining?
To be fair, London will be amazing, I have no doubt, there's no better way to bring the world together, and no nicer city.  Besides, the past Olympics have some way-out-there historical facts that will be pretty hard to beat.
Did you know that sports events the Olympics used to have included:
  • Tug of War - featured in five Olympics in the early 1900's, featuring 8 men versus 8... how cute to think we kept the Olympic spirit alive at Mimi's birthday party with Mermaids vs Pirates!
  • Obstacle race - like a modern game show, contestants had to swim in a river and navigate a number of items - it was only swum only once in 1900 at the Paris games.
  • Live pigeon shooting - once in 1900... yuk.
  • Firefighting - once in 1900... apparently...
  • Poodle clipping - again, only once in Paris 1900... could I make this stuff up?
  • Plunge Diving - took the plunge once in 1904 never to resurface.
  • Korfball - 1920 & 28.
  • Rope climbing - was only stopped in 1932.
  • Handball - 1936... but alive and well in schoolyards around the world. 
  • Water skiing - featured once in 1972.
  • Solo-synchronised swimming - played in three Olympics games (1988-92) before being discontinued for being paradoxical.
  • Then there's those funny walkers...
  • Curling...
  • And a few others, but I don't want to embarrass them... besides, who am I to talk?!

On a crafty note; since it's apparently illegal to craft the Olympic rings out of anything these days, be it sausages, bagels or baguettes, I won't.  Instead, Mimi and I bowed down to pressure and tied our 5 coloured bracelets side by side with ribbon and added some other decorations to make a deconstructed version of our deconstructed Olympic spirit; Go Australia - and good luck to the rest of you!

(If you want to get in a printpaper mood and craft up some Olympic table settings, go with the Super Hero package... or maybe the Circus ones... you be the judge!)

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