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December 29, 2015 – Tuesday’s Training Report

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

That’s right! You see it! A “Tuesday’s Training Report” after soooo long of nothing from my running camp. The quick history is this:

I completed the Cleveland Half Marathon in May 2015. When I came home, it was already summer in very hot and sunny Florida and my training took a tumble. In July, I started having pains in my foot but chose to ignore them.  Then in September, I walked the local Remember the Fallen 5K with a group of my friends and even walking, my foot was killing me. I tried to ignore it but I just couldn’t so I finally headed to the doctor.


The doctor diagnosed plantar fasciitis with the additional “bonus” diagnosis of fallen arches. He gave me a cortisone shot that day, and I left the doctor’s office with several instructions, the most important being that I couldn’t run for two weeks. I changed shoes too – the only sandals I wear now are Vionics and I LOVE them! My mother has severe arthritis in her arches and she has switched to Vionics and says it’s the first time in years that she can actually walk without pain! First-aid-for-Plantar-Fasciitis

Anyway, that two week “no running” diagnosis was carried into a month, which then turned into two months.  My good friend, Tracy’s half marathon, the Myakka River Half Marathon was scheduled for November 21, and I knew I wasn’t prepared so I changed my registration to the 5K just so I could participate. Much to my surprise, even the 5K’ers got medals so it was actually a win/win situation for me:)


I haven’t done any real running since that 5K.  I have done some random run/walking, but none to make reference to here. Since January 1 is around the corner, I made a firm resolve with myself, my family, and some of my core friends who are in the same boat as me.  We are going to make a change and we are going to let this new year represent that change. Because I was involved with a couch to 5K program called Run For God in 2014, I was added to their 52 week runner’s devotional, which was recently published. I received several copies so I shared them with some of these same family members and core friends. RunforGodBook

What better time to begin a new devotional and a new running training schedule, right? I decided this morning that I’m not going to wait until Friday either.  NOW is the answer for me. I’m not sure when I’ll start reading the devotional though – I’ll either start Friday, January 1st, or I’ll start on the following Sunday, since it’s the beginning of a new week.

As I am sure you realize, today is Wednesday and I’m posting yesterday’s “Tuesday’s Training Report”.  While that’s not a great start to this new routine, I did run this morning so there’s something.  I’ll share that running with you NEXT Tuesday though when I have even more running to report!!

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