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Dear Jesus You Are My Greatest Love...

By Misslara16 @misslara
Dear Jesus You Are My Greatest Love...
Behold what manner of love the father had given unto us...
 Dear Jesus, though you knew no sin, you chose to become sin for me you decided to set aside your glory and majesty, you gave everything up and came to this earth you created, you chose to walk the streets like man and silly people even questioned you. You gave up your riches and your amazing  home built and fitted with gold to come live in house with bricks and you even said at a point you had no place to lay your head.
You had to tolerate the mess of the Pharisees because you awaited your appointed time, I was the reason you all the insults you kept thinking of me, you thought to yourself  'if I get pissed off and go back to heaven what will happen to her'? You had me on your mind when you sent peter to get the money from the fish's mouth because you needed more time to complete my redemption.
When you walked on the sea you did it for me you were trying to tell me nothing is impossible, I get the message. When you healed the sick and raise the dead you were doing it for me, you were teaching  me that I could do anything with your power if I have faith. When you healed blind Bathemeus you taught me its not good to walk in darkness so I am addicted to your light. When you told the raging storm "Peace be still" you were teaching me to speak the word and my world will obey... I get the message... you did not just come for my sins you came that my life could have a meaning.
I know you, you do nothing without the father, you are joined together in some miraculous divine way :The Trinity, you never walked alone you carried him with you yet you spoke like he was a zillion miles away  because he is omniscient. At some point for a few moments you had to separate yourself from him for a moment there because you bore my sins that created a gap between you two. I know how you must have felt, I know it was a gruelling and gruesome moment for you yet you did it happily because you were thinking of me. Yo came so my life would be worth a living.
In the garden of Gethsemane your sweat was as thick as blood, what Anguish, I cannot imagine what went through your mind. Trust me love, if it was me I will invoke all my heavenly powers and run away but hey! that's the difference: You are not a coward. You knew what was coming in its smallest detail and yet you went for it, the death on the cross.  The strongest, most powerful being that ever walked the earth, yet you let them take you, you replaced that man's ear after Peter chopped it off, you were kind even to the people who hated you for no just cause... All because you were thinking of me.
You were bruised for me, you were wounded and violated yet you loved me. Don't even let me get started on Judas Iscariot!  He had the impudence to betray you. He did not know the worth of his friendship with you yet you forgave him in a heart beat. You were graceful and understanding you still are. In times when I don't value our relationship and do stupid things you still love me, sometimes I cheat on you with the things of this world. yet you want me... Your love for me is intense it binds me in eternal loyalty... you are my greatest love.

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