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Dear Femmes: Don’t Cut Your Hair This Summer

By Cynisright @cynisright

Alice Pictures, Images and PhotosEvery summer girlie mags everywhere scream “SHORT HAIR IS IN” at us and provide examples of celebrities with cute short locks. “THIS IS WHAT YOUR HAIR NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE.”

Ladies, don’t fall for it. Here’s why:

1) Your girlfriend loves your long hair. She does, I know it, you know it and she hates whenever you talk about cutting it short. Now, you shouldn’t wear/look a certain way to make your partner happy. But you want her to be hot for you right? Just take her feelings into consideration.

2) In the Fall, guess what length of hair will be back in? Long! The same celebrities you saw sporting short hair two months ago will all of a sudden have hair that flows down to their waists. How do they grow their hair that long in just two months? They don’t. They buy thousands of dollars worth of hair extensions. Single women in their 20s are the most likely people to file for bankruptcy. Probably because we spend our money on fashion, beauty needs & hair extensions.

Here is what you should do instead of cutting your hair this summer:

1) Keep it trimmed by going to your hairstylist on the regular. Six to eight weeks is optimal.

2) Buy a hair masque or oil treatment from your local drugstore. Don’t get anything too fancy, you can find great Garnier, Herbal Essences or Suave products for under five bucks. Shiny hair always looks great in the summer, but it won’t just happen on it’s own.

2) Style it instead of cutting it. There are a million different ways to rock out even a simple ponytail. Play with low pony’s, high ponys, pony’s with a part, double ponies. Play with bobbypins to see what hairstyles look good on your face.

3) Invest in a good hot barrel curler. Soft loose curls and sexy waves are always popular in the summer and it’s an easy, no fuss way to look great at the beach.

Have fun and stay beautiful this summer.

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