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Dear August: An Experiment and Zaggora Hot Pants

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Dear August: An Experiment and Zaggora Hot Pants In 89 days I hit thirty, which means that I have 89 days to slim down so that I can fit into the dress that I have bought for that very occasion. So August, I could really do with your support, because I don't know about anyone else, but I always find that sunshine motivates me to keep active. Therefore, I'm going to stay hopeful that you August will be the best opportunity for me to do the biggest bulk of my weight loss.
I know, I know - it's a lot of pressure on you. But, I have faith in you, even if other people don't.
So, as luck would have it, a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a company called Zaggora, who -
Dear August: An Experiment and Zaggora Hot Pants for those who haven't heard the buzz around them - sell hot pants that are designed to help the wearer lose weight. Well, they're not really hot pants - as such - more leggings, really.
I have to be honest and say that I was incredibly sceptical of them, and have gone in to trying them with what I hope is quite an open mind, because although I have my doubts, I really want them to work. I think I want them to work since I have so many inches to lose, but I'm not going to expect too much.
On first impressions, they are a lot more comfortable than I expected them to be. This was surprising, because having measured myself I was actually on the verge of a XL and XXL, so since I'm attempting to lose weight, I opted for the smaller of the two sizes.
The only issue that I've had with the leggings has been that I don't feel that they are long enough in the body. I know that a lot of girls, these days, like trousers etc to sit on the hips, but for me hipster-type trousers and leggings, have a habit of just falling down. That is, of course, the exact experience that I've had with these. I am hoping that once I lose a bit more in terms of inches around the hips, they will (hopefully) fit me a bit better!
I'll do a fuller review in a couple of weeks, when I've had a better opportunity to try them out, but hopefully they'll help me to lose some inches :)
For me, losing weight - now - isn't about being "thin", because I have been never been "thin", instead it's about getting healthy
So August, I'm counting on you to stay nice and sunny (but not too hot) so that you can keep me motivated!!
Dear August: An Experiment and Zaggora Hot Pants *This series of posts was inspired by the Letters to July series run by Emilieofnewgloom, make sure you check out her YouTube Channel, because she's pretty awesome*

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