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De-Lovely Judd Full o' Nuts

Posted on the 09 February 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani

The actress Ashley Judd is considering a Senate bid next year in Kentucky against Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Judd was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention last summer from Tennessee, the state she has called home for years, where her mother and sister are country singers Naomi and Wynonna Judd

She was named one of "The 50 Most Beautful People In The World" by People Magazine (1996, 2000 & 2002);  but she was suggested in the Worst Actress category for her performance in the film Twisted (2004).

Recently she has increasingly become involved in global humanitarian efforts and political activism. Maybe that is why her last TV series Missing flopped and was canceled.

So let us is if there could be a "Kentucky and Me we are good together" for Ashley:

-   She was named after Ashland, Kentucky, and is an eighth-generation Kentuckian

-    She attended 12 schools in 13 years before college at the University of Kentucky, where she majored in French and minored in cultural anthropology, art history, theater, and women's studies. She left before graduating in 1990. I don't think she jives with Kentucky's old slogan: "WhereEducation Pays") 

-    She was committed to join the Peace Corps, but after a "short" college she drove straight to Hollywood and did a lot of movies.  

-    She describes herself as "aggressively and delightfully radical" and would "follow" Obama anywhere. Kentucky's current slogan being "Unbridled Spirit", her self-proclaimed blind devotion to Obama does not fit the profile. Those kinds of quotes aren't likely to engender her to Kentucky voters, who overwhelming voted Republican in the last presidential election.

-    An avid fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, once shedid not showerbecause she felt it would jinx them. For a cheerleading scene in her movie Someone Like You... (2001), she uses the Wildcats' cheerleaders' cheer routine, and thanks them in the credits.

-    Her mother, Naomi has publicly objected to many of Ashley's movies because they contain either profanity, nudity, sex, or violence. She thought her Kiss the Girls was Double Jeopardy.  That may be a view shared by a lot of conservative Kentuckians.

-   She stated "I don't know a lot of hillbillies who golf". Hillbillies do not shower much either, hence the kinship. Does she mean Tennesseeans, Kentuckians, or maybe Beverly Hillbillies. The latter folks were like "fish out of water" in Beverly Hills. Would the Kentuckians feel the same about her in Kentucky?

-    With Senator Rand Paul of KY, they would be a really cute young couple, quite photogenic like a Prom King and Queen. She may reverse a tide: the other two actors who made it in politics were Republican: Reagan and Shwartzenegger. The Jury is still out about Ashley and KY (not the jelly!). Once thing for sure, she would get it if Mitch McConnell morphs into an expert on rape like Todd Akin (MI)  and Richard Mourdock (IN). After all they are neighbors.

I can see her posters all over the state of Kentucky, oozing leadership and commitment: 
Ya-Ya Sister, KKG Sister, Wynonna Sister, Obama Cheerleader 

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