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Day Four in Puerto Rico

By Mary615 @MaryLucilleHyat
DAY FOUR IN PUERTO RICO6:30 AM:  I’m up.  Made myself a cup of coffee.  The little coffee maker they give you in the Mariott only brews one cup at a time.  Seems to me they would give you a larger capacity coffee maker.  I want to go out on the balcony, have my coffee, and work on this blog on the laptop.  I have to try very hard not to let any daylight come into the room, because Holly will jump straight up out of bed.  So, I open the balcony slider, and squeeze out underneath the drapes.  It takes me three trips doing this.  Finally, I’m ready to start typing on the laptop.  I am spoiled because at home I have the keyboard and wireless mouse plugged into the laptop and I can type like crazy.  I just can’t get used to the keyboard on the laptop.  So, it takes forever to type anything!People are already walking on the beach.  There’s a man out with his little dog with no leash.  The dog is running and kicking up the sand, having a great time.  There are a couple of men walking along with metal detectors.  By 7 AM, you begin to see people coming out of the hotel, headed for a good location on the beach with their towels, umbrellas, and lounge chairs.  There is a masseur who puts up his tent every day.  He has all his supplies ready for business, and he is busy all day long with his clients.  There are two guys pulling their iccee cart in the sand.  They usually don’t come out till afternoon after it gets hot, and business is good.  The ocean is very calm this morning.  The weather has been ideal:  no rain all week!We have planned a relaxing day; no tours or anything.  Holly went for a swim in the ocean.Yesterday, we met a lady and her daughter from Dallas, Texas.  Sue, the Mother, is an engineer with Ratheon, and her daughter, Kim, is in graduate school. Kim called and said she wanted to go jet skiing, and she invited Tiffany to go with her at 1:30 PM.  The five of us started walking toward the hotel where they would rent the jet skis.  We stopped at a little “hole in the wall” restaurant and got a great breakfast:  eggs, ham, fruit, and pancakes.  As we walk along the busy streets of San Juan, I notice they have pedestrian crossing for the handicapped.  These are dips in the sidewalk for wheelchairs, etc.  They are placed at intervals about two for each block.  The streets are very clean. You see very little litter.  On the way to get the Jet Ski, Kim was called and she was informed the ocean had now picked up and they couldn’t do the Jet Ski thing.  They came back to the Mariott and spent time at the pool.  We made plans to have dinner together.  We found an excellent Chinese restaurant, and had a wonderful meal. Sue told us a funny thing: when you read your fortune inside the cookie you just add “in bed” at the end of the sentence. This can be very funny, try it!  Food is very expensive here.  Thank goodness we have a Starbucks across the street from our hotel and their prices are reasonable.  They had great sandwiches. After dinner we went back to the hotel, and said our goodbyes.  We exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch. Tiffany and I decided to go to the Casino, where I promptly lost $20.00 and quit.  I’m glad I didn’t win, because I would have kept on playing!  We’re in bed about 11:30.

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