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Day 28: 5 Facts About Your Family

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
So I disappeared again, and am late. No surprises there. Also, participating in this challenge has made me realize that having prompts for things to write about is great, but a schedule is not. It's reminds me of homework too much, and I'm still not over school (even though it's been a year).  Anyway! My family!
1. My parents met in a band. They played top 40s and other covers from the late '70s. My dad played the organ and my mom sang. Apparently they were really good and got to play at lots of bars/weddings. I think we should restart the band and go on tour, but this time including my brother and I.
2. Semi-related, all of my family on my dad's side is musical. Growing up, we used to have singalongs frequently. In particular we would watch Sister Act (1 & 2), fast forwarding through the speaking and then sing the songs. NERDS.
3. My little brother plays hockey in college. He's really good. I've been to more hockey rinks than any other things in my life. Thanks to hockey, I've also been to the largest mall in the world. It had dolphins.
4. My mom is Italian. Though I'm only half, I definitely identify most with that half of me! My Italian family is exactly what you'd expect: loud, opinionated, loving, warm, etc. And we call dishtowels moppines (I have no idea how you actually spell that - pronounced ma-peen).
5. My family all lives within roughly an hour of one another in Massachusetts. I'm the only one, currently, not living nearby. It's annoying.
Day 28: 5 Facts About your Family

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